"Writing is a brave act of self discovery, the peeling back of layers to reveal beauty, love, tears, laughter, pain -- unthinkable pain, joy, undoing, healing...God

the W's

Living life through love, faith, intention & style


Between the three of us, there are tons of products in & out of our home.  Here I share the products I love the most!


Clothes & I have always had a thing going on! It's a bit of a love/love relationship! 



I'm not always a homebody.

I love to get out & explore!

Check out our view of places we like to go.

the W's 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

—Maya Angelou


  • frocking around

    I love ready to wear pieces and I love mixing high's & low's.  For my run to Ulta I chose this frock from Target, thigh boots from Aldo & my Kate Spade carry all!

  • camilion 

    Am I a camillion or what in this scarf I found at Good Will, I wrapped and tied it to make a cute top.  My favorite wide leg pant from the Eva Mendes Collection at N.Y & Co.  I finished this look off with a black Kate Spade shoulder bag, Kate Spade sandals and a pair of Oscar De Larenta sunglasses! 

  • the $45 plug

    Ruffled Polka Blouse- $14.99 - Rainbow

    Over All's - $10 - Plato's Closet

    Kate Landry Crossbody - $5 - Flea Market

    Multi Color Booties - $14.99 - Citi Trends




  • dr. bronner

    My family I have been using flouride free toothpaste for a few years now.  We were looking to try something new so we tried Dr. Bronners.  It was pretty good & the girls didn't complain about the taste this time!

  • the write books

    Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg will awaken the writer in anyone, she writes with such conviction, humor & realness.  She spoke my language from cover to cover!

  • flatlay love

    Having fun at home trying my first Flat Lay. I really enjoy ceating original, authentic content!  There's tons of goodies in my Flat Lay but the most exciting thing is the Gelato Fiaso that I was enjoying! Best store bought Gelato I've ever had. 

  • new Orleans

    They say home is where the heart is, I took a trip back home. BEIGNETS, GUMBO, JAZZ & SHOPPING!  I'm ready to go back! Stay tuned for my blog all about Nawlins'!

  • bahama love

    This trip, we decided to leave all of our camera equipment at home. Just us and our cell phones(if it weren't for our babies and our business - - we would have left those too.  We renewed our vows and fell in love with each other and the island! Full details in the blog above!

  • blackwater river

    We took a weekend trip to Blackwater River in Holt, FL.  I was kinda apprehensive but I actually found something new I really enjoy: CAMPING!  SIDE NOTE: My hubby did all the work and he cooks like a chef right outside! His grilled lobster & pineapple! Lawd take me back! Short blog coming soon!


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