An Unearthing

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Everything in me wanted to start this letter off apologizing for not protecting you.  But as I’m unearthing the layers and strata of my life I realize that we can no longer carry this burden of fault.

To unearth something can be harrowing.  And I know you feel scared and vulnerable and ashamed and alone and tired and unloved and confused and naked and exposed and I know that the fear you feel is because you felt those same exact things when you were being violated.

I know that there are parts of this that you are afraid to face but in the unearthing of this ugly truth we have the beautiful opportunity to build again, with much clarity.  So, with intention I dig into the parts of us we’ve kept hidden for so long. 

To unearth something means to exhume, to unbury, to find something hidden or lost by digging.  I am unearthing all of this to come and get you!  Because you are worth it and because we are more than this.

And the people danced and princesses pranced.  And the war waged on and soon she was gone and then it became silent. She emerged and she broke, it happened and she spoke and there came a voice that was filled with surety. And as the shadows of the trees danced on her floor, she danced and she pranced silent no more.

I think I was about 9 or 10 pictured above.

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