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Life happens to us all

Brave Mama

The bravest mother's are those who have had to give one back. The journey of a Brave Mama is beautiful and ugly all at the same time.  But Brave Mama you birth more than a baby that you couldn't keep, you birth the most valuable lesson of life: - - "to leave nothing unloved including yourself." The Brave Mama support group is safe place for Mothers who are navigating the journey of losing a child.

Sincerely Support Groups

When The Door Closed

Behind the wounds and the scars of what happened to you when the door closed - - there you are, still standing.  Kudos to so many of you survivors of sexual abuse, rape molestation or incest, kudos to you for not allowing what happened to you to consume you. Be surrounded by empowered women in a safe and encouraging environment. We gather, we vibe and we explore intentional topics that release uninhibited thought and focused healing in a safe space.

SIMPLE & HONEST community

If you’ve been searching for a community of ambitious women like yourself, from all different backgrounds, working together toward a common goal to be fully aligned and supported, you’re in the right place!

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group  support



Let's be clear!

✔ Yes, Sincerely Support Groups are free.

✔ No, I am not trying to sell you anything.

✔ I lead all support groups with love & intention.

✔ You owe yourself the support and accountability you’ve always wanted.

As women who are all on the journey of life it is so important to be surrounded by women who empower and lift each other up in a safe and encouraging environment. We gather, we vibe and explore intentional topics that release uninhibted thought and focused healing in a safe space.

Marble Surface

How are the support group meetings held?

All support group sessions are held via Zoom. Holding sessions via Zoom is a powerful way for us to connect with each other, and much of interpersonal communication is nonverbal, so this is a great way for us to have a meaningful & intentional conversation. Show up makeup free, in your pajamas, or with coffee in your hand - there is no judgement here!



When do we meet?

Brave Mama 

1st Sundays 


When The Door Closed

1st Mondays



Why is it free?

Life happens to us all and sometimes all we need is a little support and safe space to share. Our stories bring us together, sharing stories is as important as ever. They offer gateways, mirrors and alternative possibilities, insights to ourselves and others, pathways and tools to reimagine our lives and realities. We are stronger together.

I want to join but I'm nervous about sharing my story.

I absolutely hear you - I expect that, its ok if you don't share immediately. I won't ever rush you, push you or put you on the spot. This is a safe space. If you think you are in need of one on one sessions please reach out to me at to discuss service options. 

What People Are Saying.

I started this process right after my son passed away.  Having a real support while I grieved saved me.

Having someone who truly understood what the depths of grief and pain look like with everything for me. Kate was able to help me move forward and show me a new way of honoring my son.

— Jas M.

Kate encouraged me to look within to focus on the areas that lack attention, not from others, but from myself.

Katherine and I worked together when life presented difficult challenges and obstacles for me. Through our work together, she encouraged me to practice self-care and take time for myself to do what makes me truly happy.

— Kita L.

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