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"Some of the bravest women I know are mama's who had to give one back."
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Some of  the bravest women I know are Mama's who had to give one back!

Brave Mama is a community of women supporting one another in life after child loss.   

Grieving Mom's are often the forgotten grievers.

Brave Mama connects and empowers grieving Mamas to actively move forward through one of life’s most difficult journey’s, grief.

Through this community, we offer support and understanding. Share your own story or read the powerful words of other Brave Mama's!


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brave mama

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Whether you're looking for a soul stirring story to encourage you & remind you to hold on to your faith, wondering how I balance work & self care lately or simply how to dive into your own wellness journey...you should check out my latest post!  


And no, nothing here on this site is rocket science. Just glimpses of everyday life - my wellness/healing journey, what I wear, the products I use, how I work and how I take care of myself. If that’s your sort of thing - you know, life - then this is totally the place for you.  

Helping people heal excites me, hence I am pursuing a degree in psychology(it won't be long!). Look around, there's tons of healing, encouragement & love here!