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Your small business needs branding.

 Why? Because branding

is everything and I mean, everything!  Branding is the story that is always

bieng told. From handeling the finances of diplomats & dignitaries in D.C to owning & operating 2 restaurants in FL...what I know for sure is that even in business - - - it is your resposibility to narrate your own story,

to define and not be defined!

How do you do that?



by Kate

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Every decision you’ve made about your business up to this point has led you here, where you are meant to make a shift!

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Do any of these sound familiar?

✔ You’re longing for a change in your business but not sure which next steps to take.

✔ You're always admiring other business branding while wishing your small business looked as cohesive?

✔ You feel like your business/brand were meant for more, but just don’t know what that even looks like.

✔ You've been told a few times that your work is amazing but you need a website?


If so, you’re in the right place! Imagine what it would feel like if you stopped being afraid to promote your business,  gave yourself permission to FINALLY believe in your business and your brand.

What if I told you that you could...

✔ Gain the  brand clarity you crave to reach your full potential.

✔ Feel empowered as we create a business brand that feels truly aligned with your goals.

✔ No longer be intimidated by social media and having content that promote and benefit your business.

✔ Ditch the overwhelm, second-guessing, and fear that has been holding you back.


Branded By Kate

We use attention, intention & detail becasue effective cultrual entrepreneurship is the greater goal of Branded by Kate.


We define the Who, What, & Why of your Brand.  My small team specializes in



Logos - Websites - Business Cards -  Social Media Design - Ads - Marketing Materials - Social Media Management -

Content Creation


Branding by Kate adds value to your small business by showcasing the quality and care you put into your products or services.

We offer three branding packages to provide you with the perfect solution to take you from dreaming it to doing it. Each package is designed to meet you where you are today while preparing you for where you want to take your business tomorrow. Together, let’s create an authentic identity that speaks to the quality of your passion.

Fitness App
Pink Gradient

Social Media Management




$250/one time

Good Plan
Better Plan
Best Plan
Make Me Over