I had a defining moment after grieving the loss of my children for years.  It wasn't a thing that happened, there wasn't a big event.  It was a quiet moment where I realized that there was a shift in my spirit & in my faith, in that moment I decided to live with more intention, with absolute honesty, to live fully and count it all joy.

My relationship with God and the love I share with my family are what propels me daily. Faith & my family are my foundation.    I am the mother of 2 beautiful girls 12yr old Chloe and 5yr old Alexandria.

family & faith



 We all have our battle scars, stories to tell, and victories yet to be won. My purpose is to share with you what the tears have taught me, what great pain has exspounded - - which is that above all life is truly beautiful and that the journey is everything you needed.

Journey with me to the place of remembering our highest joy and greatest self expression. 

A few years ago after a workshop, one of the attendees walked up to me and asked jokingly, "Who are you?"  I recently asked myself the same question.  Who am I to think that I can do that, who am I to think that I can go there, teach that, have joy, level up, survive & thrive? Note To Self: I am Katherine, I am God created and I was created to thrive! And so were you!

Whatever reason you stopped by my home away from home, it is my highest hope that you find some light, some love...some hope. And if you haven't noticed yet, in this house we do real, we do mistakes, we don't judge, we extend grace, we share laughter, we listen, we honor God, we help those in need, we forgive ourselves & others...above all we do Love!

Love & community

INTENTION & purpose


Style is everything! It's reaches way beyond the clothes you choose to wear or weather you shop high end or at the thrift store.  Style for me is the way you move, how you carry yourself, its what you do with the grace we've been given.  Style is about ease, attitude, bieng yourself and loving yourself.  


style & Confidence

its our individual


that give each of us a


that cannot be