I'm Kate, a mother, writer, creator and educator at heart. I create content about LifeStyle, News, Self Care and the Stories of Women that are bravely Becoming. I enjoy sharing authentic & relatable content with my online community that inspire them to thrive, be unashamed & live fully through faith, love, intention & style.

I started a blog, "Beautifully Broken" in 2010 after the death of my daughter Zoe as a platform to creatively express myself and live out my purpose of writing and teaching. Writing for Beautifully Broken taught me that while writing is my passion and gift, it is also cathartic for me, it aways will be.  So I took a few breaks over the years from writing to have babies, open a few business and go back to school.

In 2019 divorce took a toll on me. (read: It Didn't Break Me)  After the past few years of living life and life living me, I've finally hit the refresher on my blog.  My life has changed tremendously, now as a single mom, career woman, educator & entrepreneur my story has taken on a new face and I aspire to take you along the journey.

Here at Sincerely Kate, I'm dedicated to sharing relatable content that inspire you to thrive, be unashamed and live out your purpose, while using my voice to tell meaningful stories of women who are journeying through life too.

From mom-life  and everything in between, welcome to the space where I share my art, heart & musings with you

I currently live in Richmond, Virginia with my two beautiful daughters Chloe & Alexandria, where I work full-time from home for Capital One, I am a Pre-Med Psychology student at Capella University and a writer at Sincerely Kate. 


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The Her Stories is a scared space dedicated to sharing human stories without prejudice. Our stories, our journey knit us together to make humanity.  


I began writing on this project --The Her Stories a few years ago and as I narrated my own personal story of surviving  and the journey to healing, I couldn’t help but to think about the stories of the many women, I’ve encountered over time, through life, family, ministry, connection & conversation.  All of us knitted together through our stories of love, pain & faith. The Her Stories is about women journeying through life...BECOMING...like you and me. 


In the turbulence of our social and political climate, stories are as important as ever. They offer gateways, mirrors and alternative possibilities, insights to ourselves and others, pathways and tools to reimagine our lives and realities.  Thank you for listening to my own personal stories and bravely allowing me to tell yours.

The Her Stories

I believe healing, creativity and self discovery go hand in hand, explore all three with me at Note To Self 
If you're ready for a breather or need a 2nd wind, check out one of my courses, workshops or 1:1 coaching.

The Her Stories

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